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History of the Department:
The Department of Philosophy of Dumkal College started its journey in the session 2005-2006 with Philosophy general as subject to be taught to B.A general students and Honours in Philosophy was introduced in the session 2010-2011 following the under-graduate syllabus of the University of Kalyani. The college started following the U.G CBCS Syllabus from 2018-2019 session onwards as instructed by BOS of the University. In the academic session 2023-2024 the department upgraded its teaching facilities to cater to the needs and demands of NEP-2020 as introduced by the University of Kalyani.
One of the principal missions of the department is to popularize philosophy among the students. It is the mission of the Department of Philosophy to foster the spirit of critical investigation, analytical understanding of fundamental philosophical issues, teach human values and ethics through the medium of learning philosophy as a subject and attempt for the promotion and development of human excellence in students. Besides subject teaching the department tries to make students competent for competitive test of various services.
Philosophy is the foundation of critical thinking. To fulfil this aim, the department strives to teach the students the basic critical, analytical skills and practices of philosophical enquiry necessary for their intellectual and moral development. Our vision is to empower our students to live courageous and thoughtful lives by passing on to them the rich tradition of both Indian and western philosophical thought.
Philosophy helps in creating a rational and reasonable mind and develops skills to think critically and analytically. Philosophy is an academic discipline that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality and answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality, ethics, logic, rational thinking and understanding the human nature. The ancient Greeks, were among the first to practice philosophy in Europe, but much before that the Indians in remote past had a rich tradition of studying philosophy not only to understand the nature but also it was an integral part of their search for truth, knowledge and wisdom. It was also an integral part of ancient Indian ‘Dharma’.
Philosophy as a subject encourages students to think critically about the world. It is the foundation of all knowledge and when utilized properly, improves reasoning and critical skills. Philosophy sharpens students’ practical foundation skills and makes them adaptable to a diverse range of careers. Inquiry, critical thinking, research and communication are core components of philosophical study that have direct applications in the world around them. Philosophy, as a subject revolves around four features: (four R s) Responsiveness, Reflection, Reason and Re-evaluation.
Work Culture:
Our faculty members intensively discuss the core areas of the subject through the informative lecture base methods. Subject materials are provided to the students for their better understanding. Students are motivated to pursue higher studies to enhance their wisdom and compete in various state and national level examinations. With this objective in mind, the teachers of the department organize class lectures, interactive sessions, and conduct seminars through which the student can get a broader perspective of the philosophical developments.

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